Are you in a relationship with your phone

Does your spouse think you are in a relationship with your phone? Are you stuck to your phone.

Disengage from your phone, breakup with your phone. While smartphones bring us information faster it also creates an unnecessary distraction, with smartphones we are forever obliged to reply to an email that we just received, or to a message or to respond to a post on Facebook or Instagram or have an urge to participate in save the world battles going around on Twitter.

The need to address the message as we receive creates a block in the flow of work or task that we were doing. This method of responding to every message immediately is very disruptive. As a best practice to maximize your productivity, you should mute all the notifications on your phone, this way you will not be prompted to respond to messages as they arrive, I am pretty much sure if something is very urgent the person would call you. Make time to check your messages, email at the beginning of the day and end of day, messages on your phone every 60 minutes for 5 minutes. Don’t let the activities consume your day.

If you are also serious about reducing your commitment to your phone

  • Install an app for counting the number of times you have opened your phone. I am using this for my Android phone

Take action and report back. My own screen time decreased by 33% after i installed the app that counts how many times I have opened my phone.



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